TSHUVAfm.com Radio | Online Return Center at the Hebrew Roots is a communication and teaching online media based on the Hebrew teachings of the People of Israel, as well as Yeshoshua Ben Yoseph (known as Jesus).

Tshuva is a Hebrew word that means: repentance and return to the Creator of the Universe, a U return of repentance, never back down the wrong road where you walked and back before the Lord with clean intentions.

We broadcast hebrew and aramic music, the sacred languages ​from the original texts of the Bible were written. Our music programming has been selected with love and dedication, to keep you connected to the Creator of the Universe during all hours of the day.

We offer you to eTeacher Group, a language school located in Israel with native teachers who provide Biblical Hebrew Online classes. We invite you to enroll to these courses so you can understand more deeply the Holy Scriptures in Hebrew and Aramaic. It is always better to go to the original and not rely on translations of the original that may be subject to errors.